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Parental Consent for Treating Minors, Closed Door Pharmacy Dispensing, Workplace Portal & more

Oct 11, 2021 | Latest News

October 10, 2021

Parental Consent for Treating Minors

During the 2021 legislative session a bill passed that created F.S. 1014.06 related to parental consent for health care services.  Included in the law was language stating the following: “Except as otherwise provided by law, a health care practitioner, as defined in s. 456.001, or an individual employed by such health care practitioner may not provide or solicit or arrange to provide health care services or prescribe medicinal drugs to a minor child without first obtaining written parental consent.”

Last week a notice was published by the Florida Board of Pharmacy adding penalties under rule 64B16-30.001 for failure to comply with this new parental consent law.

What does this mean for pharmacy providers?

Pharmacies may need to begin a process of keeping records of parental consent when dispensing medications or providing other pharmacy services to patients who are minors.  Failure to provide evidence of such services could result in a reprimand and a $250 penalty to a maximum of a $500 fine and one year of probation for the first offense if the rule change is adopted.  The second and subsequent violations may result in a $500 fine and one (1) year of probation to a maximum of a revocation of the license.

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Dispensing by Closed Door Pharmacies

The Board of Pharmacy is giving consideration to opening rule 64B16-28.830 related to closed door pharmacies.  The proposed rule seeks to authorize closed system pharmacies to dispense drugs for outpatient use to their employees, their employees’ spouses, and their employees’ dependents.  The Florida Pharmacy Association has filed a letter of concern to the Board that will be discussed during a rule hearing requested by the FPA on October 14th.

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National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

The Drug Enforcement Administration has scheduled another prescription drug take back day.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 23, 2021.  Historically this program has collected over 14,524,000 pounds or 7,262 tons of unwanted prescription medications.  Select “more” to see where collection sites are located.

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Celebrating American Pharmacist Month

Each October we designate the month of October to celebrate the hard work of our pharmacist and pharmacy technician colleagues.  We are already hearing that communities like the City of Alachua, Newberry and Lake City have declared October as APhM.  Great work Alachua County Association of Pharmacists.  Mark the following dates on your calendar:

October 12th – National Women Pharmacists Day
October 19th – Pharmacy Technician Day
October 17th – 23rd – National Pharmacy Week

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DEA 222 Shifting Away from Triplicate Format

As of October 30, 2021, the Drug Enforcement Administration is implementing the mandatory use of a single sheet DEA 222 Order Form and the triplicate DEA Order Forms will no longer be available or utilized.


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Revisions to USP 797 and USP 795

There are revisions underway for USP 797 and USP 795 related to sterile and nonsterile preparations as well as the stability study reference document.  This includes new information on beyond use dating.  This publication by USP has resulted in a hearing scheduled by the Board of Pharmacy at their Compounding Committee meeting on October 13, 2021 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport.  There will also be a review of 64B16-28.802, F.A.C., Special Sterile Compounding Permits for Pharmacies and Outsourcing Facilities and 64B16-28.820, F.A.C., Sterile Products and Special Parenteral/Enteral Compounding.


Initial Point of Care Certificate Training Program

The Florida Pharmacy Association working with the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Association is pleased to announce the initial offering of our Test and Treat Certification Training Program.  Legislation was adopted that made modifications to the pharmacy practice act that would allow pharmacists who complete this program to manage patients with non-chronic health conditions under protocol.  This 20 hour initial training program is being offered on Friday, October 15, 2021 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Kissimmee.


Pharmacy Organizations Launch Confidential Portal for Pharmacy Personnel to Report Their Experiences in the Workplace

The Pharmacy Workplace and Well-being Reporting (PWWR) portal was developed in response to the desire by pharmacy personnel across many practice settings for a venue to address workplace concerns and suggest improvements, without fear of retribution.  The Florida Pharmacy Association has heard many complaints from our members on work place issues and this project is designed to collect confidential information to help.  “Our members should be heavily involved in this project”, said Michael Jackson, CEO of the Florida Pharmacy Association.  “Data that is reviewed by a patient safety organization can go a long way to address problems in the pharmacy work place.”


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