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The Florida Pharmacy Association is the collective voice of the profession of pharmacy, and serve to represent the goals, values, and best interest of our members at both state and national levels. We are the primary source for current, reliable information on the legal and regulatory issues that affect the profession.

Our Mission

Unifying and strengthening the voice of pharmacy while advancing pharmacy practice through education, advocacy collaboration, and relationships.

Our Vision

The trusted resource in optimizing patient outcomes through unifying, educating and guiding pharmacy practitioners in changing the health care landscape.

Our Members

Our membership includes pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and others with an interest in the business and profession of pharmacy.

FPA Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023

Approved August 26, 2018

Executing successful and meaningful events or activities requires a great deal of planning, delegation, and follow through. Translating our ideas in a meaning way for others to understand and implement requires clear communication, strong relationships, detailed plans, and high levels of accountability. Understanding the impact, value and success of our strategic plan and leadership each year, requires very honest self-critiques and evaluation processes. This five-year strategic plan (2018-2023 term) requires us to know what we are working toward, and the steps we need to take to begin.


Download a copy of the full list of goals, objectives and action steps of the FPA Strategic Plan HERE

Plan for 2018 through 2023