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Fraud Alert – Scammers Targeting Florida Pharmacies

Sep 26, 2022 | Latest News


Please be aware of a potential scam related to individuals posing as a prescription drug distributor or an agent of the Board of Pharmacy requesting information from you.  The Healthcare Distribution Alliance has shared with us information on a scheme being perpetrated in a number of states and in particular the state of Louisiana and Florida.

In some cases, where the scammer does offer an account number on their own, it has been found that the particular account does not have a previous history for the item they are requesting in an order — or that the account itself is old and has not been used for some time, or is closed.

Scammers also may try to create a new customer account, or change a customer’s account information to their advantage by:

  • Requesting to add additional names to an account;
  • Changing or substituting different business addresses;
  • Changing or substituting different account telephone numbers; or,
  • Applying for a new line of credit.

Members are encouraged to be aware and be on the alert for suspicious communications like this.  If you suspect something like this is happening to your pharmacy, please contact Chuck Forsaith of the HDA Pharmacy Cargo Security Coalition (PCSC) at or (401) 623-1344.

Additional background information is available through the resource below:

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Helen Sairany, BA, MBA, PharmD, RPh, BCACP
Executive Vice President & CEO | Florida Pharmacy Association
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