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Governor Receives Automated Systems Legislation, Committee to Meet on Collaborative Practice & More

Jun 17, 2020 | Latest News

June 17, 2020

Automated Pharmacy Systems Legislation Sent to Governor DeSantis

House bill 59 passed by the Florida House and Senate has been sent to Governor DeSantis for his signature.  This bill changes Florida statutes 465.0235 allowing community pharmacies to use automated pharmacy systems for outpatient dispensing.  This legislation was not supported by the Florida Pharmacy Association.

This legislation may allow for the installation of an automated pharmacy dispensing system remotely from the location of the controlling pharmacy

  • An automated pharmacy system should be within the confines of a pharmacy permit or within its proximity.
  • Current laws require automated pharmacy systems within facilities that have other health care providers on premises. This legislation allows for automated pharmacy systems to be located anywhere including areas where there are no health care providers.
  • Automated pharmacy systems will have to be restocked. If located in remote areas this will create a security issue for staff charged with the responsibility for restocking.The bill allows for someone other than a licensed pharmacist or registered pharmacy technician to restock these systems.
  • It would be difficult for a pharmacist to ensure confidentiality of patient information if the consulting pharmacist is one county and the automated system is in another.
  • This legislation would allow for a pharmacist who might be licensed in Florida but living in another state to oversee and be responsible for the integrity and operation of the automated pharmacy system.
  • With the current pandemic it is unclear how the external surfaces of these systems would be sanitized if remotely located from the responsible pharmacy
  • Board rulemaking authority and the intent of the legislation is not clear in this bill

Members are encouraged to contact the office of Governor DeSantis and ask that he veto House bill 59.

Governor’s Office Phone Number:          850/717-9337
Governor’s Legislative Affairs Office:      850/488-5000

Governor’s Office Emails:         

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Joint Rules Committee Meeting on HB389 on Calendar

A joint rules committee of the Board of Pharmacy, Board of Medicine and Board of Osteopathic Medicine has been calendared for Thursday, June 25, 2020 starting at 9:00 am.  This will be a telephone conference call meeting to discuss proposed rules that implement FPA supported House bill 389.  The Board of Pharmacy has begun the development of a new rule to implement pharmacy statutes 465.1865 (collaborative practice for chronic health conditions) and 465.1895 (testing and treating for minor nonchronic conditions).  Both of these statutes are newly created and added to the pharmacy practice act.  House bill 389 directs the Board of Pharmacy to consult with the Boards of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine.  A new chapter is being created in pharmacy rules under 64B16-31.

The call in number for this meeting is (888) 585-9008
The conference code is 599-196-982 #

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FDA Revokes Emergency Use Authorization for Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revoked the emergency use authorization (EUA) that allowed for chloroquine phosphate and hydroxychloroquine sulfate donated to the Strategic National Stockpile to be used to treat certain hospitalized patients with COVID-19 when a clinical trial was unavailable, or participation in a clinical trial was not feasible. The agency determined that the legal criteria for issuing an EUA are no longer met. Based on its ongoing analysis of the EUA and emerging scientific data, the FDA determined that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are unlikely to be effective in treating COVID-19 for the authorized uses in the EUA.

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CPESN Florida Seeks Network Facilitator

Are you an energetic supporter of expanded clinical skills for pharmacists and looking to increase your influence? CPESN Florida is looking for a network facilitator to enhance and expand our network. Your roles and responsibilities include engagements with partners and payers, pharmacy recruitment and quality assurance. Key skill sets include understanding the role of clinically integrated networks, strong written and verbal communication skills, and a deep understanding of health care. This position is part time, and can be filled by a pharmacist or non -pharmacist. If you or someone you know may be a good fit for this position, please forward an email to Mark Hobbs at and I will forward you additional information.

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DEA Issues Temporary Exceptions on C-II Prescribing and Dispensing

Members may not be aware but at the end of March the Drug Enforcement Administration issued a guidance letter on the issuance of oral schedule II prescriptions in light of the nationwide public health emergency declared by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  In summary the DEA is allowing for 15 days for the prescribing practitioner to provide a prescription for an emergency C-II order.  The current Federal law is 7 days under 21 CFR 1306.11 (d) (4).

The DEA is also allowing such prescriptions to be provided to the pharmacy by alternate means such as facsimile, photograph or scanning of the paper prescription.  The prescribing practitioner must maintain the original prescription in the patient’s file.  These exceptions are temporary and will expire either at the end of the declared emergency or modified or withdrawn by the DEA.

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