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Consultant Pharmacist Inspection of Nursing Homes

Mar 20, 2020 | Latest News

  • Florida Board of Pharmacy Adopts Emergency Rule
  • COVID – 19 Resources

The Florida Board of Pharmacy met on March 19th to discuss an emergency rule related to inspection requirements of consultant pharmacists to various facilities. There were no other items on their meeting agenda. This emergency rule addresses challenges with the current rules 64B16-28.501, 64B16-28.702 (2)(b), (c), and (d), 64B16-28.850(16), and 64B16-28.870(3)(c) and (d).  These challenges are stemming from restricted access to facilities given the COVID-19 pandemic and the obligation for onsite inspections to be performed by off site consultant pharmacists.

The emergency rule (64B16ER20-21) adds section (5) to rule 64B16-28.501 which reads as follows:

(5) Off-site consultant pharmacists of record shall not be required to perform inspections and on-site consultations at permitted institutional pharmacies as referenced in Rules 64B16-28.501 F.A.C., Rules 64B16-28.702 (2)(b), (c), and (d) F.A.C., Rules 64B16-28.850(16), F.A.C., and Rules 64B16-28.870(3)(c) and (d), F.A.C, when the consultant pharmacist of record is not regularly present at the location. This rule shall in no way modify any obligations stemming from State or Federal laws regarding drug regimen reviews.

This emergency rule becomes active no later than tomorrow and will be in effect for 90 days.


Currently our society is undergoing tremendous changes with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our health care system will be transitioning through a lot of stressors and pharmacy will be no exception.  The FPA is working closely with state and federal agencies and our national association partners on a large number of practice related issues.  We have created a special web page on that will provide for you information on the corona virus and will be working to update it with current information on this fast moving issue.

The Florida Pharmacy Association will continue to be working to provide member advocacy, services and support but also will take whatever necessary measures to safeguard the health safety and welfare of our staff.  With recent changes in Florida laws we now will have an opportunity to show the value of pharmacist patient care services.  Please continue to watch your email for more information.

With kindest regards,

Michael A. Jackson, BPharm, CPh
Executive Vice President and CEO

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